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the-best-scavenger-hunt-app-in-the-worldTour cities differently with the best scavenger hunt app in the world. Say goodbye to the backwards-walking tour guide and DIY!



Most fifth-graders fancy becoming firefighters, doctors or astronauts when they grow up, but young Charlie Harding already knew he would be a business owner, and he already had his million-dollar idea. Charlie imagined a virtual tour guide that would help travelers explore cities on their own. After nearly two decades of hard work, his big idea has come to fruition. Let’s Roam is a multi-player scavenger hunt app that creates self-guided tours in over 300 cities around the world. The gamification of the tour adds an exciting competitive element to wandering around a city and leads you to hidden gems you might not otherwise find.

the-best-scavenger-hunt-app-in-the-worldEach ticketed player is assigned a unique role with different challenges that are specifically designed to help them better connect with individuals in their group. The modules are designed for everything from date nights, family outings and birthdays to corporate team-building activities. They even offer a customized “Proposal Scavenger Hunt” as a fun way to pop the question.

Surprisingly, Let’s Roam does not just attract tourists. About half their patrons are locals. Charlie grew up in Alexandria, Virginia, a city drenched in history. As a test of their abilities, the Let’s Roam content creators designed an original Alexandria scavenger hunt for their founder, and Charlie and his family took to their usual stomping grounds for a day they would never forget. “We had the whole family running down the blocks of Old Town Alexandria, and we all learned a ton about the city that we never knew before,” Charlie said.

the-best-scavenger-hunt-app-in-the-worldHarding attributes his progress largely to his family and his talented staff. He is the fifth of six children nurtured by business-owning parents. One could say the entrepreneurial drive is genetic in the Harding family. Three of his brothers also operate businesses. Charlie’s brother Michael is the co-founder of Let’s Roam, and his youngest brother, Alex, is the unofficial CVO, or “Chief Visionary Officer.” “We’ve got each other’s backs and we all help each other out. So that is why we’ve been so successful—and we’re great friends too,” Charlie added.

With so many cities in their repertoire, not all 300+ of them can be easy to design an interesting tour for. Old big cities like Boston and Washington, D.C. have robust and well-known histories, but smaller, younger cities – take Eau Claire, Wisconsin for example – may not be such a chip shot. The tour developers at Let’s Roam have embraced these more challenging locations and detected a wealth of culture and beauty in each town that is worth sharing. “Every product that we have comes down to two things: helping individuals explore their city and connecting them to others,” Charlie said.

On the horizon for Let’s Roam are some fun new product lines—chiefly, their Dining Membership that was recently introduced to their HQ city of Denver, Colorado. Geared toward local patrons, they’ve selected over 60 of the best restaurants and bars in the area to explore with friends. Priced at under $10 per month, the dining membership includes perks like free appetizers, drink discounts, and conversation starter games.

Let’s Roam has become a game of exploration for everyone involved, and they are clearly doing something right.  The company has more five star reviews than all of its competitors combined. Next time you are looking for something fun to do, check them out. They just might surprise you.