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 The best part of waking up…is [single-origin, locally-roasted, sustainably-sourced pour over] in your cup.

Wherever you are, wherever you go, look to this for your next cup of joe. Cheesy rhyming aside, we created this post for digital nomads such as ourselves to reference as we wander the country. We found the best coffee in every state, broken down into four categories.

It’s not just generational anymore. The coffee commodity has officially changed the market as we know it. Everyone is a connoisseur and there is actually a wrong way to do it. While the coasts have the highest concentration of craft coffee, it does not negate the hidden gems around our great nation. We’ve broken down the best of the best: best workspace, best vibes, best impact, and best taste (think of that scene in Elf except he wouldn’t actually be drinking a sh*tty cup of coffee). 




Four Barrel Coffee, San Francisco, CA

This shop has good joe and only plays vinyl. The space lightens up the mood with its huge bay windows that provide plenty of inspiration with their view of the ever so vibrant Valencia Street.


Sola Coffee Cafe, Raleigh, NC

Business Insider named this shop one of the “best coffee shops in 45 big cities across America.” Sola is filled with natural light and produces some of the most beautiful fuel for productivity, not to mention their outstandingly aesthetic donuts and toasts.


The Mill Coffee & Tea, Lincoln, NE

The Mill Coffee & Tea is planted in the middle of the Haymarket hustle and bustle–a good environment to keep on hustling! Their outdoor seating also offers a more serene space for busy bees who prefer to get their buzz from the coffee instead of their surroundings.


Barista Parlor, Nashville, TN

Barista Parlor is a wide open, well-lit work space. It has a comforting aesthetic due to the careful details speckled throughout. Enter for an all around pleasant experience. 


Cafe Europa Union Hill, Kansas City, KS

Have a lot of work to do? Well, this cafe has plenty of room at the coffee bar, complete with host of talented baristas. It also has plenty of plug-ins to power the hustle.


Sneaky Beans, Jackson, MS

Looking for a chill work day? Sneaky Beans’ laid back atmosphere provides a great space to think.  Sit and take in the fresh air on the back porch, or move from one comfy seating option to another for whatever work mood you’re in!


Bottoms Up Coffee Co-op, Columbus, OH

This super cool space is designed for entrepreneurs. They’re slogan is, “Social change through great coffee and active community engagement,” (Wowie we love that) so grab a seat from the variety of coworking set-ups they’ve got and start dreaming.


The Neighborhood Cafe at Parish, Atlanta, GA

Parish? Or cute escape in Paris? Located below the Brasserie’s dining room, the courtyard is an ivy-framed dream filled with the buzzing rhythms of the cafe.


The Shop, Providence, RI

This rustic shop has been fondly referred to by customers as, “#aesthetic” and “Instagram-worthy,” and their food tastes as delightful as it looks. 


The Lynhall, Minneapolis, MN

From high ceilings to beautiful tile floors, this shop is pleasing from head to toe. The Lynhall is known for its yummy cuisine — aka prime grind fuel. Customers also call it a great meet up environment, so if you’re in the area, we highly recommend the Lynhall as your next brunch meeting spot! 

The District Coffee House – Boise, ID

Image result for the district coffee house boise id

This coffee house is known for its nooks– meaning that it’s got a plethora of workspaces to choose from, and the choices don’t stop there. District Coffee makes a variety of pour overs, espresso, and signature drinks from there locally sourced beans.

The Corner, Montclair, NJ

The Corner was referred to as “the ULTIMATE food and coffee spot” by students in the area. It is named one of the best shops for the grind on This shop busts out a mean avocado toast while fostering an atmosphere that is just as welcoming as it is exciting.  




French Press, Santa Barbara, CA

Called an equal parts coffee roaster, bakery, and a community center,” by, the French Press has got the vibes the people love.  They even hold a farmer’s market every week in the parking lot and their kindness to customers is their top priority!


G&B Coffee, Los Angeles, CA

Are you a people person? Headed somewhere to connect instead of grind on the computer today? Look no further than G&B Coffee! Their shop is just one long espresso bar which is the perfect recipe for some refreshing chatter.


Everyman Espresso, NYC

Everyman gives every customer a choice. There is no order board or little menu. If you stop in, baristas will happily help you decide Chemex or AeroPress.


Paramount Cafe, Cheyenne, WY

Every Friday night is open mic night at Paramount Cafe. There are featured artists in their gallery every month and the atmosphere is colorful and young.


Elemental Coffee, Oklahoma City, OK

Their slogan is, “A community-driven company dedicated to producing the finest coffee while providing our customers with the best service imaginable.” Enough said.


La Mancha Coffeehouse, St. Louis, MO

It’s not just the place to hit when Crown Candy is out of control! Many members of the La Mancha staff have been and continue to be neighborhood kids, so you can always expect a friendly face. La Mancha has a full bar and the best baked goods. Try the empanadillas! 


Mugs Cafe, Little Rock, AR

Lookin’ for some hype? Mugs Cafe will cheer you on: “We power podcasts. We fuel artwork. We caffeinate analytics reports. Students and attorneys, painters and coders. Everyone has a table here!” 


Cafe Monte Alto, Plymouth, NH

Cafe Monte Alto is a crowd fave and a home to friendly vibes. Co-owner Ed Giunta said, “Right now everybody in here — except that one over there — they’re all regulars. I know them well.”


Uncommon Grounds Coffee & Tea, Burlington, VT

This shop is known for their outstanding customer service. Uncommon Grounds is family-owned, roasts everything in house, and takes responsibility to their guests and their growers very seriously.


Brew HaHa!, Wilmington, DE

Bring your work, bring your friends, bring your dog, because Brew HaHa! is the ideal spot for all of the above. This award-winning, Italian-influenced oasis has become a welcoming stop for travelers passing through and a sweet gathering place for locals.


Marchese Italian Market, Virginia Beach, VA

This little place has quite the spread of delectable Italian dishes AND espresso. It’s a delightful stop. You can step into the grocery space for reasonably priced treats or sit and sip some coffee with friends. You’ll find yourself scrunching your face in Italian approval in no time!


Fresh Brewed Coffeehouse, Myrtle Beach, SC

This coffee house is a proud host of frequent live music, open mics, and poetry readings.  Their mission is to provide a safe haven for those in need. Patrons can donate a cup of coffee and so can you, online!


Morning Brew, Kailua, HI

Looking to get your brunch on in a chill space? This colorful spot serves up Belgian-style waffles, vegan pancakes, and they brew their coffee by the cup and craft 100% single brew pour-overs from Kona. Now who has a plane?




Madcap Coffee, Grand Rapids, MI

Madcap Coffee has a ZERO-WASTE policy! They use bus bins instead of garbage cans and sort all of their trash into compost or recyclables. And it’s simply delicious!



Black Coffee Roasting Co, Missoula, MT

This roasting company roasts craft organic coffee from around the world. They care a whole lot about quality coffee and a whole lot about the earth.  


Switchback Coffee Roasters, Colorado Springs, CO

Switchback is full of green succulents and all the hip decor. It’s an aesthetic space that roasts high-quality, ethically sourced beans.


Kaffegeita, Story City, IA

They care for both people and planet.  Kaffegeita wrties, “Our goal is to provide a great experience paired with high quality products to better both the community and the world.” They source their stuff ethically while also actively supporting the success of kids.


Railway Coffee, Ruston, LA

Railway’s beans come from farms producing coffee in an ethical manner. Their importer sends purchasers on trips to other countries to find em’! The beans are rated according to a sale created by the Specialty Coffee Association of America and if the beans score an 80% or higher, they make it to market as specialty coffee.


Bella Goose Coffee, Wisconsin Dells, WI

Bella Goose Coffee’s mission is to “give others hope, one cup of coffee at a time.” Proceeds from their in-house roasted joe goes to victims of human trafficking and is ethically sourced to ensure coffee farmers benefit.


Foxtail Coffee, Winter Park, FL

Foxtail’s single-origin coffee beans are sourced from sustainable farms around the world. They opened two years ago and already founded their 10th store. Co-founders Alex K. Tchekmeian and Iain Yeakle say, “It’s coffee the way it should be.” And we agree.


Passenger Coffee, Lancaster, PA

A cup from this shop is in high demand on West King Street. Passenger will proudly tell you how they produce their specialty coffee through sustainable practices. 


Bourbon Coffee, Washington, DC

The Cocamu President looking out over the drying beds and coffee fields that decend into the valley

The first Bourbon Coffee opened in Kigali, Rwanda and they now have THREE locations around D.C. Their beans are direct-trade and they’re the first retail brand to originate from Africa!


Mea Cuppa Coffeebar, Charleston, WV

A fan of coffee culture but not a fan of exclusivity? Mea Cuppa Coffeebar is right there with ya! They serve organic and fair-trade coffee and their mission is making coffee culture accessible to the average joe.




Heart, Portland, OR

This shop is all about transparency! Whether it’s on their sleeves or they’re pulling at your strings, it’s no secret they give it all they’ve got. Heart Roasters educates their customers about their ethical roasting practices and why it’s so important to them that they built their shop around their roasting machine.


Seattle Coffee Works, Seattle, WA

The patrons call the shots at this shop. Customers choose the brew and the bean in which baristas will bring to life on the shop’s cutting edge technology.


Sky Coffee, Santa Fe, NM

Direct-trade coffee pioneers found here! Therefore, they are very passionate about the quality of their beans.


Figure 8 Coffee Purveyors, Austin, TX

Their machine is an Italian Marzocco soooo they make THE stuff. Not to mention, Austin joe-goers are big fans of Figure 8


Intelligentsia Coffee, Chicago, IL

These baristas mean business. They know their stuff and will show off Chemex style.


Sunergos Coffee, Louisville, KY

Sunergos appreciates joe so much that they host coffee classes! Just like breweries, coffee roasters can go “micro.” Sunergos coffee roasts small quantities of coffee, making every cup special.


Three Crowns, Warsaw, IN

First of all, this shop is located on the first floor of a former 1800’s print house–they make quite a first impression if you know what I mean. They also offer phenomenal pour-overs, single-origin beans, and a mouth watering food menu.


Twenty Below Coffee  – Fargo, ND

“This place is stupid good.  That means really good. Like really really good,” is one of this shop’s top Yelp reviews. Locals and nomads alike seem to be huge fans of their signature drinks and killer food.

Turbo Coffee, Florence, AL

Turbo Coffee posts up in the back of a barber shop. An article on, on the best coffee spots in Alabama reported that, “Owner Reese Shirey is ‘very knowledgeable and affable despite looking like an Abercrombie model.’ Florence’s Turbo Coffee ran away with the north Alabama vote, pulling in 45.75 percent of the nearly 9,000 votes in the region’s poll.”


Speckled Ax Coffee, Portland, ME

This Maine coffee shop boasts a vintage roast. Italian vintage to be exact. Instead of a gas-powered roaster, Matt fuels the fire with good ole local hardwood.


Gracenote, Boston, MA

Gracenote loves coffee fanatics. Former Coffee Trike barista, San Bellino, leads the charge in creating state of the art cortados. They know that the magic is in the details and it shows in every sip of espresso.


J. Rene Roasters, West Hartford, CT

J. Rene Roasters cares about their coffee and culture. They emphasize community by providing long, shared tables and no Wi-Fi. Who needs it when you get to view the production and a new neighbor to meet? 


Artifact Coffee, Baltimore, MD

Artifact offers Japanese Cold brew, all the espresso, as well as a wide variety of tea choices. They also offer a wide variety of wine and cocktail choices if you’re looking for a kick in your cup. According to, they are Baltimore’s “newest most popular third wave coffee scene.”


Sapor Coffee & Concepts, Denver, CO

This is the only place where coffee lovers can find beans from Lakewood’s Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters. Their website says, “Sapor is birthed out of Caleb and Jeannie’s philosophy that the senses, particular smell and taste, enhance our everyday experience of the world.” This is a spot for a true coffee experience! 


Bespoke, Wilmington, NC

This one is a winner for coffee fans in North Carolina. One customer said, “Until recently I was quite confident the best cup of coffee in town was a bottle of Slingshot cold brew at Whole Foods.” Good news, Bespoke has got you covered.


SteamDot Coffee, Anchorage, AK

SteamDot has gained popularity lately for its divine roasts. They seal their beans up tight to make sure nothing interferes with the taste! Many ingredients are made in-house and every cup is made with care.


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